Tom Coates of writes on Shirky

Tom Coates of writes on Shirky

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  • Should We Encourage Self Promotion and Lies
    This is Tom Coates eloquent response to Clay Shirky (a hyper influential professor at Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU) who recently wrote a piece called
    A Rant About Women. He argued that not enough women have what it takes to behave like arrogant self-aggrandizing jerks. This trait, Shirky says, is the essence of great project management and powerful careers. Here’s Shirky’s conclusion:
    What I do know is this: it would be good if more women see interesting opportunities that they might not be qualified for, opportunities which they might in fact screw up if they try to take them on, and then try to take them on. It would be good if more women got in the habit of raising their hands and saying “I can do that. Sign me up. My work is awesome,” no matter how many people that behavior upsets.
  • The Future of HR According to a non-HR Guy
    Short and sweet, Dr. Dewett sez “There are 3 types of folks in most HR groups: compliance people (did everyone complete the training yet?), administration people (they, for example, are kind enough to ensure we are all paid correctly), and, finally, people people (who work on improving individual and group performance, organizational development, talent management, leadership training, etc.). The compliance people are all about CYA. The administration people are about facilitating the status quo. The people people are addicted to shaking things up and creating various types of positive change. My idea in a nutshell: get the compliance and administration people the hell away from the people people immediately. The people people will only start to cause massive improvement when they are operationally removed from the stigmatized “personnel” past.”
  • Talent Attraction Expert Joe Cortright
    The Talent question is much larger than an HR or Recruiting Department. Regional dynamics, urban planning, economic development, reproductive tendency and employment branding are all a part of a large stew. This piece, critical of Cortright’s approach to solving the Talent problem in Akron, is a part of an amazing blog about the talent problems of Middle America…Burgh Diaspora.
  • Twitter Reconsidered
    Scott Berkun is fast becoming a central commentator on work, projects, public speaking and social media. He’s one of the new high profile next-gen business writers at O’Reilly media. In this piece, he shifts his view of twitter from the widely held ‘what a waste of time’ to a more thoughtful ‘hmm, people are using it, there must be something there.’ Worth your time if Twitter still doesn’t make sense to you.
  • If Your Kids are Awake, They’re Probably Online
    NYT article on a new study of kids media habits. Online is the new literacy.

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