Steve Rubel | Go Big, Get Your Employees on the Bus or Go Home

Steve Rubel | Go Big, Get Your Employees on the Bus or Go Home

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Five links to expand your view of HR.

  • Informal Learning: An Interview with Jay Cross
    In a nutshell, it’s informal learning if you want it and formal when it’s shoved down your throat. Jay Cross, the hidden gem of the Learning Marketplace, says it more eloquently in the interview. Basically, we are moving into an informal learning period. That’s part of the reason that training budgets are declining.
  • Go Big, Get Your Employees on the Bus or Go Home
    This is the standard formula “Social Media is the wave of the future and companies that don’t acknowledge it are primitive dinosaurs destined for immediate failure”. The mantra goes: “So what exactly does this look like? It means unshackling your employees. It means equipping them with tools, policies and the means to engage with stakeholders around the clock. Finally, above all, it means allowing your workforce to unlock and share their company and subject-matter expertise.” Somehow, anything this obvious is bound to be mistaken. What do you think?
  • Outsource Your Personal Chores and Errands
    As the world gets smaller and more local, outsourcing key personal responsibilities will be central to maintaining productivity. If you are not following Web Worker Daily (where this link takes you) now is a good time to start.
  • Google Ads Preferences
    Take a couple of moments and change your ad flow on google to things that interest you. As long as you’re getting ads, they may as well be useful.
  • Dissecting An Analyst Relations Failure
    The post wraps around a funny (and somewhat offensive) video clip that looks at the relationship between analyst firms (Gartner’s the target in this one) and the vendors who live or die on their recommendations. If you are involved in purchasing decisions, this is the underbelly of the beast.

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