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This week, we’re pointing to articles about HR Program Management. When the HR Department operates external entities (HRO, RPO, subcontracts), it ceases to be an hierarchical structure. the Program Management Office (PMO) approach utilizes cross functional teams to solve problems and execute programs.

The interesting thing (or at least one of them) is that Program Management is often executed by seasoned professionals rather than members of the management team. These entrepreneurial managers navigate politics, resource requirements and team integration by using funding and scheduling as leverage. Their jobs get really interesting when the subcontract or project is also run as a PMO.

The approach is best demonstrated by the federal government. The notion that the government can be understood as a model for innovation is still hard for many to swallow. But, the government has been in the pure information business for most of its existence.

This management approach depends on being able to wield influence. It’s the future of HR in a world that assumes that repeatable functions are outsourced. The arena is just emerging. The links point to the few kernels of information on the subject.

This is a subject we’ll be returning to.

  • Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System
    Here’s a procurement disaster story. It’s big enough to have made Wikipedia with its own entry.
    Defense Secretary Gates said, “Many of the programs that I have made decisions to cut have been controversial within the Department of Defense. This one was not. I would say that what we’ve gotten for a half billion dollars is an unpronounceable acronym.” Effective Program Management, from the outset, would have made the difference.
  • The Program Management Office Advantage
    You’ve gotta love Google Books. Here is a classic text on PMO design and execution. The PMO strategy is exactly how one causes complex projects to be effectively executed without turning them into longstanding bureaucracies.
  • HR Program Manager
    This job description is an interesting point of departure. An HR Program Manager has a broad spectrum of responsibility and a limited amount of authority.
    The approach is not yet widespread but does represent the cutting edge of the field.
  • HR Program Management Office (PMO)
    Mercer uses the Program Management methodology
    to ensure alignment in M&A projects.
  • IBM’s Training and Management Assistance Program
    IBM is one of the few major providers that understands the utility of Program Management. Here’s their approach to delivering HR services to the Federal Government. It’s worth noting that their customers in the government also use the methodology.

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