hr-examiner-in-the-know-225pxIn The Know v 1.25: Brands, Jargon and Targeting

Five links to accelerate the value your HR delivers.

  • Engage is the Most Overused Word in Business Today
    What we really mean by ‘engage’ is simply communicating with people in real terms: Meaningful Conversation.
  • Understanding Your Visual and Voice Brands
    Members of the HR and Employment Branding teams need to be up to date on brand consistency. The new frontier is your voice brand. As conversation becomes the heart of consumer and candidate experience, having reasoable consistency in voice, across media platforms and channels is critical. Voice is “How your brand is going to sound and respond and converse across multiple channels.”
  • How Well Do You Know BT?
    Offsite behavioral targeting is all the rage in the more traditional (read not recruitment ads) segment. This article is a great tutorial about the tools and techniques that should be arriving in our space in about 5 minutes.
  • They Don’t Want a Relationship, They Just Want an ‘Apply Now’ Button
    Fistful of Talent Contributor Steve Boese tackles the question of talent communities. Are people really going to join your company community on thr off chance that they will get a job? The money quote:|

    Getting back to the students, one additional and open-ended question I always ask them is this: ‘What is your preferred method to seek out opportunities and apply for positions?’. Every semester and for three years running now, the most common answer is ‘The big job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder’. When pressed for details, ‘Ease of use’, ‘one click to send a resume and apply’, ‘no need to re-enter the same information over and over’, and ‘lots of jobs all in one place and not just for one company’ are the most frequently mentioned. When asked about learning about organizations and engaging with company recruiters on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, almost all of them recoil. No way they say, Facebook is for me and my friends only.

  • Rethink HR? Why Bother
    In some quarters, operations like HRHappyHour are dismissed as trivial. The critics wince at the constant drumbeat of “HR is broken”. In this piece, Jason Seiden puts some energy into the question of what’s broken with the conversation about what’s broken in HR. In the end, it seems like what’s broken about the conversation about what’s broken in HR is HR. Seiden’s suggestion that the answer is to “focus on the little things every day that improve culture like picking up paper clips off the floor or saying hello to your coworkers.”

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