In The Know v1.05

Topics: John Sumser, The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser

in-the-knowIn The Know V 1.05: Links to make you think

  • How to create great work environments
    Great environments encourage people to make mistakes and learn from them.
    Here are the four arenas that matter:
    1. The person in power defines the culture through their behavior
    2. Everyone must understand the different kinds of mistakes
    3. The person in power has to care about employees long term
    4. Everyone has to properly set expectations
  • How To Destroy a Lifetime of Trust as an HR Pro in a Single Day…
    Kris Dunn, the prolific fellow who is singlehandedly redefining smart HT, tells a story about the time he got the phone call. A lesser member of the HR team used her knowledge of salary data to create leverage for a raise. AND, she wanted to be paid on par with engineers and operations folks. According to Kris (and most everyone else), HR isn’t on par with those functions. The lesson he draws from the story is about trust and confidentiality. I wonder if there isn’t a story here about why HR doesn’t merit equal status in the organization and what to do about it.
  • Get Real About Generation X Stereotypes
    Is the real root of GenX disparagement the fact that they are Republicans?  An interesting look at the differences between four generations on social and political issues.
  • The People Who Actually Use The Technology
    Steve Boese is one of the great voices to emerge in the rise of HR Social Media. In this piece, he patiently explains that all of the people who are dissing the iPad are like art critics: Good on opinions, less interesting in practice. The iPad, in Steve’s view, is destined for the masses, not the elite.
  • The 8 Elements of Contagious Ideas
    Dan Zarella is the only real social media expert. That’s because he measures EVERYTHING. This article specifies the eight things you need to manage to create ideas that spread (like you hope your next initiative will) Social media is becoming a laboratory for the communications skills that make or break careers.