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Jason Seiden cries foul on our cultural criminalization of failure

Business 'Expertainer' Jason Seiden cries foul on our cultural criminalization of failure (author of popular books How to Self Destruct & Super Staying Power)

In The Know v1.07

Five links and a couple of quick freebies. Reorient your view of HR.

  • Removing The Noise
    With the data tsunami gaining in momentum, it’s time to narrow your communications windows and batten down the hatches. Here’s one guide to social media input simplification.
  • Algorithmic recruitment with GitHub
    Future talent markets will include demonstrations of skills and social network analysis. This piece (from a geek, not an HR player) shows the beginnings of that process. GitHub is a website where coders can leave examples of their work. The author steps through the use of an algorithm to find the right talent.
  • This is BS: The Criminalization of Failure
    Jason Seiden rails against the anti-learning culture we create when we insist on success in all things.- Imagine a world in which learning were criminalized.
    – Where zero-tolerance policies were used to punish students for honest mistakes.
    – Where doing your best with the information you have and the latest in modern technology were not enough to protect you from liability.
    – Where simply anticipating the impact of macro-economic shifts on your company could result in a groundswell of distrust and populist angst, while not anticipating them could get you subpoenaed to testify before Congress.
    -Where doing something right but unpopular—ie, trusting others to see beyond the tips of their noses—can get you maligned and cost you your job.

    Seidman sez, “That’s our culture”

  • The Convergence of Advertising and E-commerce
    Tim O’Reilly says that advertising and ecommerce will fuze into one seamless entity with no middlemen. That suggests a future of employer driven job boards with traffic driven by text alerts. Seems unlikely but worth imagining. The future HR department will have to be very web savvy. Today’s players are already archaic.
  • The Organization’s Self-Image
    Steve Boese steps out of his technology chair an looks at the distance between self-concept and reality. Nice piece to pass around the office.


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