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"How people access information is changing, and 21st century corporations need to be nimble about what's next."

"How people access information is changing, and 21st century corporations need to be nimble about what's next."

In The Know v 1.09

Five Links to expand your view of HR. Measurement and Games edition

  • Digital Influencer mapping: Who do you need to know online?
    Our digital influence mapping project uses Traackr, a Boston firm, looking to help HR harness online influece for sourcing, community development and referral projects. This article looks at a range of alternative sources and methods.
    According to Flemming Madsen, founder of online research firm Onalytica, the main reason for measuring the influence of online voices is to find out the key people with which an organisation should be engaging. The key, he points out, is to ensure influence is not mistaken for popularity. ‘Popularity is a measure of how well known someone is,’ says Madsen. ‘Influence is a measure of their ability to move market share.’
  • How HR Can Use Social Media
    Gautam Ghosh, an organizational development specialist in India is a social media pioneer who started blogging eight years ago. This slide share presentation is a marketing/education piece from his new company 2020 Social. Indian culture is, in some ways, much better suited to the use of social media as a way of getting things done. The fact that this startup is in Mumbai, working for Indian clients should shatter one or two of your stereotypes.
  • On Karma: Top-line Lessons on User Reputation Design
    Ultimately, reputation systems will emerge in enterprise settings. It’s where the battle for the heart of HR will be waged. Reputation systems will be the direct descendants of today’s primitive performance management tools. Keeping your eye on the emergence of reputation management and measurement tools will give you a head start. This article explains the idea of measuring ‘karma’, its uses and limitations.
  • Futures Thinking: Writing Scenarios
    Jamais Cascio, one of the real stars of the scenario development set, explains how to write a scenario. If you are following the Five Scenarios For The Future of Recruiting Project
    and want to know how to build your own. This is the best place to start.
  • Digital Business Tools Surpass the Web
    You’ll see this more and more. The web is over. The next generation of technology is coming fast and very few people see it. It doesn’t look like social technology. It looks like stuff built on the technology that carries social.
    Social CRM is an emerging discipline that recognizes that the traditional two-way channel of communication between business and customer should include interactions among customers themselves. Numerous start ups including Bantam Live and established vendors such as Salesforce offer solutions to make that possible.”

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