In The Know v1.24

On July 7, 2010, in The Go/The-Know, by John Sumser

In The Know v1.24

Five links to stay abreast if the trends shaping HR.

  • Regulating Distributed Work (Why It’s a Good Idea)Crowdsourcing and mechanical turks are reshaping the way that work gets done. These employees are not specifically addressed in current employment law. The author makes the case for increased oversight as a way of preventing mobsploitation (a cynical word for “crowdsourcing”). It is a good lead in for Tips for Using Starbucks as Your Office
  • Challenges of the Social Technology Industry, July 2010 EditionJerimiah Owyang is one of the leading analysts of the social media phenomenon. This article presents a matrix of the issues and web-strategyopportunities that the social media tsunami (and the information explosion in general) creates.  From talent shortages to the rise of the amateur, the generational technology shift favors participants over administrators. Owyang crams a year’s worth of insight into a ten by four matrix.
  • How To Run a Great Unconference Session
    For the most part, unconference sessions leave a lot to be desired. While the underlying idea, that we’re all peer learners, is an important insight, sessions are usually labored and flat. The typical format, which gives everyone an equal footing in the conversation, limits the level of discussion to the weakest link. This piece will help you think about how to prepare and deliver a winning unconference session.
  • Why today, June 30, 2010 is my last day on Twitter
    Jerry Albright, a social media recruiting pioneer, is leaving Twitter. Why? It doesn’t work as a recruiting tool. He says:
    The people I’ve met have enlightened me, made me laugh, think, share and grow. Unfortunately none have helped me provide the services I am (hopefully) paid to provide to my clients. Sorry – but that’s the reality.
  • Hopeful Monsters and the Trough of Disillusionment
    Where will the next breakout HR tools come from? This is a summary of a session at FOO Camp (an interesting annual get together of smart Silicon Valley types). Using the Gartner hype cycle as a foundation, the authors note that real breakthroughs often come from technologies that were originally hyped but fell into disfavor.

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