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5 Links (plus a bonus) to soup up your understanding of analytics in HR.

  • Competing on Talent Analytics
    Jeremy Shapiro and his coauthors Thomas H. Davenport and Jeanne Harris, bring Human Capital Analytics to the heart of the business conversation. In this HBR article, they define a framework for understanding the various uses of data to make HR more of a decision science. Run over to the bookstore and buy the current HBR for this one. It’s the harbinger of a sea change.
  • Measuring Human Capital is Hard. Let’s Fix That…
    More Jeremy Shapiro than you could ever imagine.
    Subscribe to his RSS feed so you don’t miss his occasional pearls of wisdom. This is ground zero in the HR Analytics movement.
  • NorthgateArinso Survey Reveals Only 54 Percent of Respondents Use HR Analytics
    “Based on the survey, organizations that were global and had a larger number of employees were more likely to have deployed HR analytics within their business. Within those organizations, the metrics most commonly measured were headcount, compensation and workforce planning. 88 percent of respondents needed at least a week to process data and provide results to the team, indicating that either the KPIs being measured were not being properly monitored, the data was not being utilized in an effective manner or that additional training needed to be done for the HR tools. Underlying these points, 60 percent of survey respondents indicated that they don’t have strategic goals attached to the data gathered.”
  • OrcaEyes Launches SonarVision On Demand Workforce Planning and Business Intelligence Solution
    Dan Hilbert’s company is coming to market quickly. SonarVision claims to be the scientific way to build an organization that out competes the competitors.
  • Taleo Launches Enterprise Analytics
    Taleo, in an effort to stay abreast of SuccessFactors successful integration of Infohrm, is putting real muscle into its analytics projects.
  • ‘Where’s the Rest of Me?’
    The industry’s head curmudgeon, Bill Kutik, lays out an interesting picture of the competition between SuccessFactors and Taleo. Guess what? Talent Analytics, that’s what.

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