In The Know v1.38: About Those People

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HRExaminer About Those People

In The Know v1.38 About Those People

It’s surprising how little attention gets paid to the people in an organization. All of the falderal about weighing in on strategy seems to lose sight of HR’s fundamental role: the care, feeding and cultivation of the people in the organization. All tools, from software to compliance regulations are guides in this fundamental mission.

This week’s links are designed to make you think about some of the aspects of the real human part of HR.

  • How To Manage Employees When They Make Mistakes
    “As a leader you need to have both heat and light in your arsenal. You cannot lead all people all of the time through light. In my experience some individuals are the over-achievers who are looking for stars on their foreheads and thrive on constant positive feedback. For these people you need to lead through *mostly* light. There are other types of people (let’s say, prone to a bit of laziness or procrastination) who tend to be motivated more by fear of being in “trouble” and not wanting to look bad. These people are led better through a bit of heat.” Use disappointment and guilt instead of anger, the author suggests.How does that work for you?
  • Jim Holincheck’s Field Trip
    Holincheck, the preeminent industry analystin our space, visited PeopleClick/Authoria for their user’s conference. His trip report offers good insight into changing perspectives on Recruiting. As the craft gets professionalized, it is deconstructing into niche expertise. What began as a distinction between sourcers and recruiters is now a framework with multiple moving parts. Holincheck acknowledges Gerry Crispin’s research and analysis.
  • The Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Employee Engagement
    While I remain unconvinced about the whole engagement notion, I’m ready to acknowledge that it’s an interesting thing to consider as a proxy for morale problems that happen in M&A. This article, from the director of Kenexa’s Research Institute, details the terrain. The article is on a site called Changeboard which appears to be a really interesting combination of job board and HR guide.
  • The Principle Of Indirection
    Increasingly, HR is responsible for basic literacy skills. The schools are not doing a great job of shipping workers with the right skills. This piece talks about fundamental data literacy, particularly communications choices involving links and pointers. The basic idea is that there is real productivity to be gained in the making of simple communications decision like whether to send a list or a link to a list (sending a link is smarter). Some of the generation gap that is showing up at work has to do with the fact that the younger set does some technology intuitively. The older set, who weren’t served as well by their schools, make odd unproductive choices because they haven’t been shown the new literacy.
  • Why You Should Care About Your Company’s Culture (via Paul Hebert)
    Strategic recognition is the art and science of using incentives to mould and reinforce your desired culture. This is the basic argument.

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