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All cultures have subcultures. Many subcultures have their own subcultures. Subcultures can be nearly unrecognizable parts of the overall culture. If you do something at the top level, it needs to be adjusted as your targeting gets more precise.

One of the reasons that Nationally based marketing has low response rates is that the buying issues and decisions vary widely by region. In the B2B universe, it’s critical to understand the local nuances. Localization is everything.

Local IS different.

As the Recruiting Roadshow™ moves from city to city, the idea of regional difference becomes clearer and clearer.

Take Las Vegas, for example.

  • For the past 20 years, Las Vegas has grown faster than any other city in the United States. It has been the fastest growing city for each of 20 years. (Forbes)
  • It has one primary industry (Gaming and Tourism) (One new hotel room creates a net of four jobs in the local econmy.)
  • It is isolated by geography. (It’s out in the middle of the desert.) So, water issues can be top of mind. Some goods are harder to come by.
  • Very rapid growth (30% population increase since 2001) produces a sustained housing crunch.
  • Full employment means that each new job requires an employe from some other part of the country or world.
  • The primary industry has some PR problems that are best met with good local employment branding.

Recruiting in Las Vegas usually means that you have to get someone from out of town to move in. There is much closer coordination between Economic Development operations and the real estate industry. Each new worker basically needs new housing.

The issues are as different as can be from, say, Atlanta or DC where conservative approach, the right costuming and a certain range of manners are essential.

Strategy, whether for a newspaper or an employment brand should always take note of the subcultures. Many of today’s fastest growing recruiting businesses are built on the “local is different” paradigm. Both and jobdig are building considerable empires one small city at a time.

In the final analysis, the same internet that flatten and shrinks the world makes local issues all the more important.

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