While SHRM and HRCI duke it out for the HR industry certification dollars, I am offering instant HR Certification, completely free of charge.

Announcing the totally awesome HBHR certification. 

HBHR is the new gold-standard in meaningless letters to place after your name in order to appear smarter and more important. 

To complete your HBHR certification process, simply download the HBHR Certificate of Completion, then follow these important steps:

  1. Fill in your name.

You are now HBHR Certified and are entitled to all the privileges and benefits of HBHR Certification, including using the HBHR designation for any legal purpose.


What does HBHR stand for?  

Heather Bussing Human Resources.  The similarity to a large prestigious business school in Boston is purely coincidental.

Isn’t there more to the process?


Shouldn’t I have to study or read something.

Sure. Here’s a link to my HR Examiner blog posts. Go crazy.

Will anyone check to see that I actually did the reading?


What is the value of HBHR Certification?

I have absolutely no idea.

Why should I do it?

Because it’s funny.

Congratulations on your incredible accomplishment!

If you have any further questions or concerns, please keep them to yourself.

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