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illustration of John Sumser and William Tincup of KeyInterval Research

John Sumser and William Tincup of KeyInterval Research

After years of collaborating and experimenting to see what works, William Tincup and I have finally figured out what we want to be when we grow up. What’s worth noting (and the point of this note) is that we are launching a new company next week at HR Tech. KeyInterval Research (KIR) is what we are calling it.

The HR Examiner will continue on. You can expect the same level of content quality and editorial delight.  The new company is a way to harness and expand the curiosities you encounter here. Please keep reading.

KIR is focused on understanding and mapping the actual experience of HR practitioners who use the myriad forms of HR Technology. We think we can help them discover technology that fits. Our focus is clearly on the practitioner and helping her improve the quality of her work/technology experience.

At the heart of the business is a thorough research calendar that focuses on long ignored questions from and about the practitioner’s perspective. Each month will bring a research initiative that is shaped by a significant quantitative survey. Hard data results will be supplemented with qualitative interviews.

Here is the 2015 KeyInterval Research Calendar:

January: What Is The Ideal Vendor Relationship?
February: Why Do Implementations Succeed?
March: What Is The Optimal Technology Stack?
April: Is There a Best Data Strategy?
May: Do Users Love Your Software Purchases? (Engagement)
June: First Half Research Correlations
July: What Is The Model Purchasing Process?
August: What Is The Perfect HR Budget?
September: Do Employees Use The Software? (Adoption)
October: Which Metrics and Analytics Are Useful?
November: Are HR Processes Effective?
December: What Happened This Year? What Did We Learn? What’s Coming?

We won’t be evaluating vendors, building HCM theories, offering reviews or giving product awards. We are going to relentlessly focus on what it’s like to work at the intersection of Technology and HR.

If you have a moment, take a look at the website. We’re proud of it. At the same time, our business is built around the meritocracy of ideas. We will always change our minds in the light of better data (and/or questions).

Thanks for reading so far. And once again, I appreciate your time and attention.


John Sumser
Principal Analyst

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