I just finished up at HRDemo this week in Las Vegas which is about experiencing HR technology and innovation directly through demonstrations of the actual product. More on HRDemo soon.

HRDemo puts me in mind of a local event taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area next Tuesday – it’s called iTalent. It reminds me of the Techcrunch50 show but for HR and talent related startups. The inaugural event next week is already sold out so I want to introduce you to both the iTalent event format, and the organization responsible for it (HR & Tech SF) so you don’t miss future events.

Here’s how iTalent works:

Eight startups with talent-related products pitch to a crowded room. After each 5 minute pitch a panel of industry experts will weigh in with their opinions and feedback. I’ll be on the panel next week along with some great folks, including:

Jeff Hunter, VP, HR Solutions, Dolby Labs
Andy Mowat Sr Director, Sales and Business Development, Elance
William Uranga Sr Director, Talent Acquisition, TiVo, Inc.

The winning company will walk away with a prize package, including:

  • a $500 Elance certificate
  • a hearty supply of Hansen’s Soda
  • a strategy session with John Sumser and
  • the latest Premiere TiVo with a Qwerty slider remote and life-time subscription

For those of you going, iTalent promises to be an interesting get together, one without risk and full of upside. For those of you unable to attend, you’ll be hearing about these organizations through the HR & Tech SF website.

HR & Tech SFMore about HR & Tech SF
HR & Tech SF is about startup demos for the talent market. They bill themselves as a hub for HR startups, entrepreneurs, recruiters, HR professionals and industry experts. They will be hosting events like iTalent for organizations looking for new solutions to attract, retain and develop talent. An important part of their charter is to uncover how candidates will look for work in the near future.

I’ll post an update after next week’s event to let you know about the winner of iTalent.

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