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The Recruiting Animal

What is an emotional support animal? Support animals are more common than you may think and are essential to millions of people.

Michael Kelemen, sometimes called The Recruiting Animal, is the show runner and celebrity spokesmodel for the vastly influential Recruiting Animal Show. If you can imagine Garrison Keilor’s most secret erotic fantasy, it would be to be wild, crazy and completely on point like Michael. (It’s all a part of #TimSackettDay.)

That’s what well considered introverts do in their fantasies.

Michael has found the strength and courage to live out the energies of his alter ego. Each week, as he mounts the secret stairs to the Recruiting Animal Studio,  an amazing transformation takes place. The shy guy becomes the interviewer from hell. The disciplined recruiter becomes a terror.

You’ve seen it before Bruce Wayne to Batman, Clark Kent to Superman, Peter Parker to Spiderman. In each case, the clothes and mild manner are shed for underpants, some tights and a cape. So too goes the Kelemen to Recruiting Animal transition. His costume is more likely to include sunglasses and a beaver hat.

(Yeah, yeah. I know that Spidey doesn’t have a cape. Just to be clear, I also can’t verify that Michael wears anything at all on his show. That’s probably why it isn’t a video blog. Nothing but the hat and glasses.)

Shrieking and sulking in alternating cadences, Animal wields his secret weapon: a piercing intellect aimed at folly. This superhero does not suffer fools gladly. If you are not on your toes, he will bite them off. A sharp wit and razor like sarcasm leave guests moving like a Quentin Tarantino dance scene.

With that simple motif, Kelemen sets a bar that has become the foundation of the social recruiting industry. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not for the short of wits. But it is for the betterment of the conversation.

On a personal note, Michael, who began the podcast business in HR well before anyone else thought it was cool, has been a wonderful mentor as I learned the ropes of regular podcasting. Patient and persistent, he was able to ignore the fact that I couldn’t or wouldn’t take his advice til months after he gave it.

It’s great that we are recognizing him. He’s made the industry live-able for lots of people.

Happy Birthday, Michael.


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