Josh Kahn

(April 15, 2009) I’ve been getting to know Josh Kahn for a couple of years now. We met through the Recruiting Roadshow®.He generously navigates the Bet Buy decision matrix to support the Minnesota Recruiters events which are held there. The first Recruiting Roadshow® was held in the hallowed halls of Best Buy. It became, under Paul DeBettinges guidance, an enduring model of local collaboration.

Josh is the “Sr Pipeline Generation Expert with Accenture at Best Buy”. Roughly, that means that he is responsible for the flow of relationships that become the recruiting supply line. If you want to see the state of the art in recruiting, the operation at Best Buy is a good place to work. Eternally modest, Josh always credits his tem and the amazing leadership at Best Buy.

Josh is an amazing synthesizer. That puts him in the position of asking very interesting questions. In a sea of answers, it’s really refreshing to find good questions.

Here’s a blog posting that caught my eye. New Job: Talent Community Manager.

With all of the talk about using community as a recruiting tool, Josh did an extremely practical thing. He went to Google and searched for “talent community manager”. To his surprise, he found nothing. That prompted him to imagine the roles and responsibilities of the Talent Community manager.

The dialog has blossomed. Like a skilled zen master who asks the right question at the right time, Josh’s posting has generated about 100 nodes in the conversation in the three weeks since he wrote it. In addition, he seems to be handling some of the most troubling parts of community right there on his site.

Somehow Knowing that Josh worked for the Best Buy Team, a dissatisfied customer from Boulder posted an angry broadside on Josh’s blog. Rather than trying to squash the note, Josh, at his soft-spoken best, left the post standing and informed the unhappy customer that his concerns had been forwarded to the appropriate people.

Take a look at New Job: Talent Community Manager. Read the comments. Then join the evolving conversation about what exactly social recruiting is either here, here, or here.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes on Josh. Follow him on twitter @jokahn


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