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Salon HRExaminer Dinner New York City

Appearing in these photos: Jay Whitehead, Steve Levy, Gerry Crispin, Adam Bleifeld, David Manaster, Art Kleiner, Lisa Kloster, Paul Mladineo, Park Ave Bistro, John Sutton, Dave Willis, Jeremy Shapiro, Anne Berkowitch, Mike Hard, Dave Opton, Michael Lee Stallard, Peter Clayton, Linda Galloway, Sig Shirodkar, John Sumser, and George LaRocque

Salon HRExaminer Dinner Boston

Appearing in these photos: Mike Hennessey, Adam Bleifeld, Kent Plunkett, Neal Bruce, Colin Kingsbury, John Sumser, Kevin Martin, Jim Miller, Mike Hennessey, Via Matta, George LaRocque, Jim Miller, Jay Hargis, Madeline Lurano, Kevin Clark

ERE Expo Spring 2010 San Diego

HRExaminer Inaugural Dinner