Law and Privacy

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It’s time to start updating our discussion of privacy and your legal rights, especially about data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).FH000022 But first, take a little time and catch up on what we’ve talked about so far.

Here is the Privacy Series John Sumser and I did.

Here is the series I did on workplace privacy.

Employee Privacy- What Can Employer’s Monitor?

The short answer is: A lot. If the device or hardware is the employer’s, including the smart phone issued by the company, the employer is entitled to monitor and track the data generated.

Employee Privacy 2- When It’s Personal

Employees do have some privacy rights though. This piece looks at where those rights originate and what questions to ask to figure out if something is protected.

Employee Privacy 3- Social Media

Social media seems intimate and among “friends,” but it’s not. This piece looks at how to think about privacy and social media at work.

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