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Rank » 17th Jennifer Carsen is Managing Editor of California Employer Resources and California Employer Daily–news and compliance advice for California employers and HR professionals.

Current Job(s):
  • Managing Editor at California Employer Resources
  • Legal Editor at CCH
  • Lawyer, Labor & Employment Group at Sidley Austin
Team Assessments, HR strategy, paid leave, Workers Comp, performance review, labor standards, Social search, candidate experience, Fair Labor Standards Act, workplace discrimination, Hiring Practices, Employment Verification, Independent Contractors, Protected Class, Leave tracking, online candidates, NLRB posting requirements, Employment Manual, temporary workers, conflict resolution, Military Service, Health Information Exchange, social learning, performance appraisal, health plan, Exempt Employees, employee survey, HR professional, drug test, employment screening, Minimum Wage, Employee Contractor, flexible working, employee assistance, Workplace violence, Protected Activity, health care, Disability Insurance, human resource, background check, sexual harassment, Reference Checking, Wrongful Termination, plan administrator, Working Environment, Dependent Eligibility, time tracking, employee privacy, work life balance, develop talent,

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