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Rank » 4th William is the CEO of HR consultancy Tincup & Co. He is a graduate of the University of Alabama of Birmingham with a BA in Art History. He also earned a MA from the University of Arizona and a MBA from Case Western Reserve University. William is an experienced entrepreneur and senior executive who helps HR teams do great work. He describes himself as a specialist in HR software adoption.

Current Job(s):
  • Co-Host Daily HR Internet Radio Show at Drive ThruHR Show
  • CEO at Tincup & Co.
Assessment testing, unemployment insurance, social workforce, preventive health, holiday bonus, TLNT Transform, defined contribution, Workplace violence, Pre-Employment Assessments, Travel Expenses, flex time, Employee Self-Service, salary increase, Compensation Administration, Credit Union, exit interview, preventive care hiring, tax credits, Equal Pay Acts, Protected Activity, Contingent Workers, indemnity claims, workflow process, workplace safety, total rewards, talent analytics, HR Tech, human resource, human capital, collective bargaining, strategic HR, Cloud Security, Pre employment testing, Payroll software, Performance Indicators, Workplace Privacy, Employee Satisfaction Survey, team building, behavioral assessments, Coaching Culture, HR scorecards, Competency Management, HR consulting, collective intelligence, enterprise learning, Organizational Culture, equal opportunity, Moving Expenses, employee assistance program,

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