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Dr. Steve Bruce is the editor of the HR Daily Advisor and owner at Ransom & Benjamin Publishers LLC

Current Job(s):
  • Editor, HR Daily Advisor at BLR
  • President at Ransom & Benjamin Publishers LLC
  • Editor in Chief at BLR
Job Assessments, hiring incentives, plan administrator, Learning Programs, employee retention, benefit survey, Covered dependent, Religious discrimination, job performance, Working Environment, Reduce Turnover, Strategic Talent Management, National Labor Relations Board, hiring credits, HR Certification, retirement benefits, Dependent Eligibility, team dynamics, health savings, absence management, time tracking, talent management, sick leave, Race Discrimination, Collective bargaining agreement, Social Media, drug test, tax credit, performance planning, Strategic Planning, job stress, Minimum Wage, Health Safety, flexible working, Corporate wellness, unemployment rate, salary increase, health reform, human resource, Disparate Impact, healthcare reform, sexual harassment, maternity leave, Tax Withholding, confidentiality agreement, Interview Tips, healthcare benefits, Reference Checking, stress management, Wrongful Termination,

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