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Dawn is VP of People (HR for your HR-y types) for Daxko, a leading provider of operations and financial management solutions for member-centric nonprofits (associations), with a particular focus on the $6 billion YMCA market. She is a contributor for Workforce Online’s, Fistful of Talent. In addition, she has her own blog as well, HR Insomniac. Responsibilities include: Managing all recruiting and succession efforts for our corporate, sales and development facilities; HR budget creation and compliance; Employee Performance Management; Employee Relations counseling and investigations; Advising executives on EEOC charges and handling disputes; Strategic partnering in creation of personnel policies, procedures and HR initiatives, Vendor relationships, Training and Development

Current Job(s):
  • Writer, HR Insomniac
  • Writer / Co-Host of The CYA Report Podcast, Fistful of Talent
  • VP of People,t DAXKO
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