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Shawn is a passionate, self-proclaimed “geek” for change leadership. He directs his passion, skills, and ability to lead change projects for small businesses and organizations of all sizes – private and public. And it’s not uncommon to hear him “soap box” the urgency for organizational change to balance the achievement of business goals with involving employees closest to the changes to identify and shape solutions.

From training, to organizational development, to change leadership, Shawn has led and consulted on many types of projects. Examples over the last 12 years of change leadership work ranges from mergers and acquisitions, culture shifts, technology changes, management changes, strategy shifts, and more. He also has over 17 years of experience teaching adults, coaching individuals, and facilitating groups to results.

Current Job(s):
  • Principal Consultant, Achieved Strategies
  • Instructor, Sacramento State College of Continuing Education
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