This is the updated 2010 version of HRExaminer.com’s ranked list of the Top 25 HR Digital Influencers. This list is generated by algorithm with data and analysis provided by Traackr (think Google). The list ranks the Top 25 Digital voices in HR based on their online footprint.

Rank / InfluencerReachResonanceRelevanceWeb Presence
Kevin Grossman1 / Kevin Grossman5560100Blog | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Digg
Josh Bersin2 / Josh Bersin859548Blog Blog Twitter Twitter LinkedIn |Amazon Facebook Facebook Website
Kris Dunn3 / Kris Dunn758545Blog Blog Blog Blog Twitter |Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Facebook |Linkedincompany FriendFeed
Sharlyn Lauby4 / Sharlyn Lauby608045Blog Blog Twitter Facebook Website
Laurie Ruettimann5 / Laurie Ruettimann9810030Blog Blog Blog Twitter |Twitter YouTube YouTube LinkedIn |Disqus Digg Brightkite Video |Facebook Facebook Website Website |FriendFeed Facebook Slideshare
Gautam Ghosh6 / Gautam Ghosh809530Blog Blog Blog Twitter Twitter |LinkedIn Facebook Facebook |Website Slideshare Website
Aman Singh7 / Aman Singh605527Blog Twitter LinkedIn LinkedIn
Mark Stelzner8 / Mark Stelzner909819Blog Blog Twitter Twitter LinkedIn |Facebook
Laura Schroeder9 / Laura Schroeder305028Blog Blog Twitter LinkedIn Website |Facebook Facebook
Mike Haberman10 / Mike Haberman655521Blog Twitter LinkedIn
Wes We11 / Wes Wu205026Blog Blog Twitter LinkedIn Facebook
Trisha McFarlane12 / Trisha McFarlane757018Blog Blog Twitter LinkedIn
Ben Eubanks13 / Ben Eubanks506520Blog Blog Twitter LinkedIn |Facebook Website
Jason Davis14 / Jason Davis154017Blog Twitter Twitter LinkedIn
Kelly Dingee15 / Kelly Dingee503521Blog Blog Blog Twitter Twitter |LinkedIn Website Facebook |Facebook FriendFeed
Jennifer McClure16 / Jennifer McClure607516Blog Blog Blog Twitter LinkedIn |Facebook Digg Delicious Website |Video Slideshare Flickr
Abhishek Mittal17 / Abhishek Mittal453519Blog Twitter YouTube LinkedIn |Slideshare Facebook Flickr
Jim Hollincheck18 / Jim Hollincheck806014Blog Blog Twitter Delicious Facebook
Chris Young19 / Chris Young255019Blog Twitter LinkedIn Facebook |Website
Karen Bucks20 / Karen Bucks505515Blog Twitter YouTube LinkedIn |Facebook Facebook Facebook
Paul DeBettignies21 / Paul DeBettignies909011Blog Blog Blog Twitter Twitter |LinkedIn Slideshare Facebook |FriendFeed Myspace Digg
Erik Samdahl22 / Erik Samdahl658011Blog Blog Blog Twitter Twitter |YouTube LinkedIn Myspace Digg |Facebook Flickr Amazon Facebook
Desert Beacon23 / Desert Beacon655512Blog Twitter Flickr
Lisa Rosendahl24 / Lisa Rosendahl456512Blog Twitter LinkedIn FriendFeed
Dan McCarthy25 / Dan McCarthy557011Blog Blog Twitter LinkedIn