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Powered by TraackrThis is the updated 2011 version of’s ranked list of the Top 25 Online Influencers in Leadership. This list is generated by algorithm with data and analysis provided by Traackr. The list ranks the Top 25 online influencers in Leadership as of January 27, 2011 based on their online footprint.

Rank / InfluencerReachResonanceRelevanceExample Web Presence
David Zinger1 / David Zinger6575100Oct 17 – 3050 Employee Engagement Network Members. The number 1 employee engagement community.
Kevin Grossman2 / Kevin Grossman707054Jan 21 – If you missed the #TalentManagement Focus Roundtable today, the recording is posted – #HR #recruiting #focusRT #TChat
Sharlyn Lauby3 / Sharlyn Lauby958541Jan 12 – How Talent Management Works. via/ @nonprofithrconf –
Josh Bersin4 / Josh Bersin709037Jan 11 – SHL and Previsor Merge: What does this mean for the talent management market? #bersin
Aman Singh5 / Aman Singh857537Jan 14 – For corp. America, there never was a stronger case 4 #CSHR: #Employee #engagement & #happiness is key 2 biz growth #csr
Alice Snell6 / Alice Snell707042Jan 14 – People Before Numbers Jan 11 – Strategies for Growth
Cindy Esposito7 / Cindy Esposito708535Jan 12 – Top 3 Strategies for #Sustainability Employee Engagement – new @AngelPoints blog
Gautam Ghosh8 / Gautam Ghosh708533Jan 15 – Amplifying Strengths and Talents – HR’s Achilles’ heel?
Maynard Brusman9 / Maynard Brusman204080Jan 14 – How to Read People and Influence Perceptions Jan 10 – Emotions Matter for Leadership – An Action Plan
Dan McCarthy10 / Dan McCarthy658526Oct 9 – What Keeps Us From Doing What Already We Know How to do?
Tracy Brinkmann11 / Tracy Brinkmann855027Jan 7 – Goal Setting- Frontline Management The Keys To Successful Management Training Workshops [Pls RT]
Robert Lavigne12 / Robert Lavigne557526Dec 25 – The @RLavigne42 Tweet Round-Up: 0:28 AM Dec 22nd ? 19:07 PM Dec 25th
Abhishek Mittal13 / Abhishek Mittal353547Oct 12 – Employee Engagement: ?How Did Things Ever Get So Far Apart??
Naomi Bloom14 / Naomi Bloom607524Jan 7 – HRM #EnSW Vendor Consolidation Fairy Tales
Mark Smith15 / Mark Smith759519Dec 16 – RT @sgmota: Analyzing HR efficiency metrics only, while failing to address impact of talent management on business performance #hbr #mistake
Jon Ingham16 / Jon Ingham908019Jan 3 – New Year HR Predictions Dec 31 – Best blog bling!
trisha mcfarlane17 / Trisha McFarlane708013Nov 7 – Early Sunday morning reading RT @greatleadership: The Leadership Development Carnival – Early Bird Edition
Jim Holincheck18 / Jim Holincheck757511Jan 10 – Just finished being briefed about Interesting Talent Management-related merger to be announced tomorrow.
Erik Samdahl19 / Erik Samdahl705511Jan 11 – #HR New Year, New Measurement Challenges: The definition of talent management has become a bit like Justice Pot…
John Hersey20 / John Hersey604513Sep 13 – What Is the Best Investment a True Leader Makes?
Tom Hood21 / Tom Hood607510Jan 10 – Three words for 2011 Jan 1 – Happy New Year!
Eric Jacobson22 / Eric Jacobson152532Jan 15 – Reach Communications & Leadership Expert Grossman Via His New App
Sramana Mitra23 / Sramana Mitra70907Jan 4 – Accenture Should Expand SaaS-Enabled BPO | Sramana Mitra
Wayne Hurlbert24 / Wayne Hurlbert90657Dec 22 – Richard H. Axelrod: Terms of Engagement – Author interview
Michael Specht25 / Michael Specht65708Oct 18 – Just uploaded ‘Using Social media to Drive Employee Engagement’ to SlideShare.

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