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Rank / InfluencerReachResonanceRelevanceExample Web Presence
Alice Snell1 / Alice Snell8085100Enterprises investing in #TalentManagement average $4.7 M in ROI w/ Taleo; New customer satisfaction studies [news] http://tleo.co/ekPXZd
Gautam Ghosh2 / Gautam Ghosh859576Why HR needs to leverage Enterprise 2.0
Mark Smith3 / Mark Smith908068Listen to Robert Kugel Moderate Sustainability Performance Management Webinar - Wed 12/15 1pm ET http://bit.ly/e646pi #Perillon #COO #CFO
Kevin Grossman4 / Kevin Grossman557082Indeed. RT @PinstripeTalent: Congratulations to @myjstn on winning the Tektonic Award for Talent Management/Recruiting at #HRDemo10!
Josh Bersin5 / Josh Bersin909542Transforming Talent Management ? It?s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: This past week, I had the pleasure of hosting a... http://bit.ly/gg1oAj
Jim Holincheck6 / Jim Holincheck857544RT @vendorprisey: okay. now we get to see some of the new talent management thinking. there is a hint of rypple and sonar6 here. #sapsummit
Dan McCarthy7 / Dan McCarthy557054The Business Case for Leadership Development
Jon Ingham8 / Jon Ingham989527HR Predictions for 2011
Aman Singh9 / Aman Singh6065416 ways the #recession has changed #hiring strategies & recast a look @ the value of talent #management http://bit.ly/edFjqc #leadership #csr
Ira S Wolfe10 / Ira S Wolfe808530The failure of our K-12 system to produce graduates with competitive competencies is an economic drag. Http://bit.ly/B2B-ed-response
Naomi Bloom11 / Naomi Bloom457037Snowdons Of Yesteryear: History Is Repeating Itself
Sharlyn Lauby12 / Sharlyn Lauby909521Cheers to Jane Perdue at Get Your Leadership BIG On! for hosting the December Leadership Development Carnival and including our post Being Strategic ...
Josh Letourneau
13 / Josh Letourneau656031A huge thanks to @BKneuer for this #SuccessionPlanning (using #SNA) article! http://bit.ly/caXZ2O > #FF him! 🙂
Thomas Otter
14 / Thomas Otter909021mobile scenarios in workforce planning more compelling than most of the other mobile demos. #hrtechconf
Erik Samdahl
15 / Erik Samdahl658026The new leadership development carnival is now online: http://ow.ly/3kSC1
Chris Hoyt
16 / Chris Hoyt859519Sales Person On-Boarding - Requirement or Luxury http://bit.ly/9k5k9K
Chris MacDonald
17 / Chris MacDonald909015@EthicsBlogger wrote this: CEO Succession Planning (Twitter & Elsewhere) http://wp.me/p8Erc-1v #CorpGov
Rosetta Thurman
18 / Rosetta Thurman909514Opportunities for Social Justice Collaboration in the South
Eric Douglas
19 / Eric Douglas856016#governance Performance Management for Governing Boards http://bit.ly/9C4yLx
Sramana Mitra
20 / Sramana Mitra858013SaaS Growth Story Back On Track
Cindy Esposito
21 / Cindy Esposito858013Faith at Work: How to Tackle Tough Diversity Issues
Jason Corsello
22 / Jason Corsello407019Talent profile the key ingredient for unification of talent management (via @dklein42 ) #ki #kiforum
Trisha McFarlane
23 / Trisha McFarlane909511HR Maps and Visual Network Analysis
Tom Hood
24 / Tom Hood657514RT @innovate 7 Personal Competencies for Open Innovation Success http://bit.ly/eRpub2
David Marshall
25 / David Marshall709012Application Visibility and Automation of Virtual Infrastructures Just Got Better ? vFoglight from Quest Now Available