Looking Back at HRDemo I: Analysts’ Summit

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HRDemo Industry Analyst Summit

It's the one place where analysts have the opportunity to get to know each other and share insights without having to compete.

Looking Back at HRDemo I: Analysts’ Summit

Industry Analysts are a key feature of the HR Industry landscape. Operating without more infrastructure than their companies provide, these are the folks who make sense out of market dynamics, trends and information. They are the safari guides and outfitters on the industry journey towards real professionalization.

We had a delightful Analysts Summit with eight of the key players in the industry. It was a solid foundation for the next chapter, this coming May. Each of the analysts who came had an opportunity to get to know the others in a different setting. No pressure, limited agenda, lots of opportunities to learn and understand.

Usually, when analysts go to conferences, they are scheduled rigorously and always working someone else’s agenda. They are there to fill gaps in the content, provide industry analysis and to have meetings with prospective clients or vendors. At HRDemo, we tried to keep their schedules light. The idea was (and will continue to be) to keep the event very different from other HR Technology offerings.

Industry analysts spend their time intensively trying to understand aspects of the market. Massive complexity and a skyrocketing pile of information make it difficult for most practitioners to comfortably grasp the entire surface of the discipline, let alone the deep nuances. Analysts help by continuously looking for and at data about best practices, changing norms, implementation techniques and other mostly quantifiable aspects of HR and Recruiting.

The centerpiece of the summit was a presentation by Brad Warga, the head of Talent Acquisition for Harrah’s. He is doing amazing things that include an analytics dominated approach and a Recruiting Department that turns a profit.This is real cutting edge HR in a challenging setting.

The point of the summit was threefold:

1. We wanted to create a setting in which people who are always under pressure to provide answers had time to think in each other’s presence;

2. We created a place where people who have known of and about each other for years could get a little closer; and

3. We tried to deliver a view of operational HR that is hard to find: successful, proactive and profitable.

We scored big on all fronts.

Over the coming years, the HR Industry Analysts Summit is going to grow. It’s the one place where analysts have the opportunity to get to know each other and share insights without having to compete. I think it’s going to become a very important feature of the HR Demo Show.

Next: What we learned about software and the industry.

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