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Wrangling HR data from disparate sources hasn't had an easy button. Today's data wranglers know how to herd the old systems and the new internet data sources and can help you bring in your herd of 1's and 0's on time and on budget. Read more in our feature of HRNX below...
Information breakout on HRExaminer v1.14

HRExaminer v1.14 for April 13, 2010

Table of Contents

HRNX from HR Integrations | Review


Less Glamour – More Margin | In the Know


Blank Slate Challenge | The Winners


e-recruiting | from the vaults


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Pinstripe Talent
Our sponsor Pinstripe, Inc. designs, builds and delivers high-performance talent acquisition and management solutions. Pinstripe’s innovative approach to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) integrates sourcing, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and engagement into a complete, end-to-end solution. Pinstripe on-demand hiring solutions are tailored for specific clients across a spectrum of industries including financial services, healthcare, technology, telecommunications and other major industries. For healthcare organizations, Pinstripe Healthcare works with clients to attract the best available talent so they can deliver high quality patient care and reduce overall labor costs.

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RD Whitney | Top 100 Influencer


Employment Website Etiquette | from the vaults