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If technology is supposed to free us (and the good stuff does) then what are the HR Tech solutions that are actually delivering on that promise? We look at technology in HR and Talent Acquisition from three different angles in this week's HRExaminer below.
HRExaminer Cover for June 25th, 2010

HRExaminer v1.21 for June 18, 2010

We kick things off this week with John’s Tech Story to give you some background on how he came to be so passionate about technology. Next, we dive into a new show designed from the ground up to make evaluating HR Tech solutions easier than ever. We cap things off by profiling a Top 100 Influencer who has a profound impact on HR and Talent Acquisition technology – Gartner’s Jim Holincheck. Finally, be sure to read Strategic Recruiting 2 the follow up to last week’s piece.

– Julian, contributing editor

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My Tech Story




Top 100 Influencer | Jim Holincheck


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Strategic Recruiting 2