Shake it up

Susan Strayer has added dramatic energy to Marriott’s employment branding in a very short time. This is a person who could be a poster child for shaking things up to good effect. Also this week: Colin Kingsbury lists The Seven Habits of Highly-Ineffective Software Buyers while Jay Cross cries foul on new informal learning numbers. John writes about how different measurement services like mBlast are looking at online influence and how big companies get tripped up trying to be the next big thing.

HRExaminer v2.26 Shake it up June 30, 2011

Table of Contents

Top 100 v1.78: Susan Strayer


The Seven Habits of Highly-Ineffective Software Buyers by Colin Kingsbury


Thinking About Influence (Yet Again)


The Big Guys Are Coming


Ridiculous Research Findings on Informal Learning by Jay Cross


Social Media Swirl: BeKnown


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