Top 25 Online Influencers: The Pulse of HR

Earlier this week we published the next evolution in our online influence lists (Top 25). In The Pulse of HR we study HR's trending topics and then some reactions in More about the Pulse.

Kelly Cartwright weighs in on Big Talent, where she discusses the changing talent landscape. Get a glimpse of employee scheduling using voice driven phone applications (that work!) in Voice Based Talent Management. We close with Ceridian CEO Stuart Harvey and how his team are shaping their DayForce acquisition and new product mix for their 130,000 HR software customers.

Top 25 Online Influencers ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.11 March 16, 2012

HRExaminer v3.11 March 16, 2012

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Top 25 Online Influencers: The Pulse of HR


More about the Pulse


Big Talent by Kelly Cartwright


Voice Based Talent Management


Ceridian: Solving the Legacy Problem