Hot Pink Boa and the Candidate Experience

Feature: The Gift of No: The next time you submit a job app online make sure you're naked in a Hot Pink Boa. Don't worry, the ATS won't notice. Chances are, it'll be the highlight of your candidate experience. From the minute you hit SUBMIT on your job app a nothingness begins, filled with waiting and hand wringing and most often punctuated by "we're sorry" dripping in synthetic empathy. As in 'No, we selected another candidate for the position'. Save the corporate sweet talk for the next holiday party and give your candidates The Gift of 'No.'

Elsewhere in this issue, John Sumser discusses Relationships and Job Boards. Grab your favorite Pink Boa and hit the dance floor below.

Hot Pink Boa and the Candidate Experience~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 3.27 July 7, 2012


HRExaminer v3.27 July 6, 2012


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The Gift of No by Heather Bussing




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