HR Gamification Gets Interesting

We made fun of gamification last year because early HR offerings had done little more than offer simple leader boards and badges. But just as great consumer games are pushing the limits of gameplay to intoxicating heights, eMee has found a way to harness game dynamics to drive both productivity and personnel development.

Also this week: John's reaction to the HR innovation on display at Dreamforce and the impact of technology disruption in recruiting. Marc Effron brings it all to a close with a tale about a Horse, a CEO, and a Talent Management proposal. Quench your thirst with this week's HRExaminer.

HR Gamification Gets Interesting ~ HRExaminer v3.39 for September 28, 2012

HRExaminer v3.39 September 28, 2012


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eMee: Serious Business Gamification


120928 Five Links


About that Horse


Where The Innovation Went: Sales HR