A Universe of Great Minds

There’s a universe of great minds who never see the light of day in our industry because they are so busy building their companies. These are the people who hold the secrets you want to learn. The tricky part is finding them and unearthing their stories. Two weeks ago, John Sumser began a new journey to find them and bring their stories back to you.

It's The HRExaminer Radio Hour, a 30 minute deep dive into the heart of Recruiting and Recruiting Technology every Friday at 2pm eastern (11 am pacific). John's guests have included George LaRocque, Neil McCormick and today's show features Michael Long. We hope you tune in.

A Universe of Great Minds ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 4.03 January 18, 2013

HR Examiner v4.03 January 18, 2013


Table of Contents

Introducing HRExaminer Radio


Five Links: The Future is Close


Advertising Isn’t Attraction


Don’t Take Bad Social Media Advice by Heather Bussing


Events, Interesting Happenings and New Resources