Big Data - Where Do Ideas Come From?

Big Data Featured: In order to capture the value of this extraordinary new flow of data, you have to fundamentally rethink your worldview and assumptions. We need better questions. John Sumser has crisscrossed the U.S. and hopped the pond to London to talk with the foremost thinkers on Big Data. Read his articles Big Data and Where Do Ideas Come From to get up to date on how Big Data will reshape HR.

Jason Lauritsen joins The HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board with his article What if HR was Outlawed?. Heather Bussing wraps up this week's issue with 3 Magic Words. Enjoy.

Big Data - Where Do New Ideas Come From? ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 4.12 March 22, 2013

HR Examiner v4.12 March 22, 2013


Table of Contents

Big Data


Where Do Ideas Come From


What if HR was Outlawed? by Jason Lauritsen


3 Magic Words by Heather Bussing


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