Big Data with a Soul

Feature: Narrative visualization in HR is the discipline of discovering and communicating your fundamental story. In business and HR your story is your framework for decision making and one that relies more and more on insights derived from visualization of your big data.

From our Editorial Advisory Board William Uranga has Developing A New HR Talent and Heather Bussing updates us on Social Media’s Real Legal Issues. John Sumser wraps up this issue with his latest 5-Links post on graphic visualization and the first chapter in a new series on the evolution of HR in Market and Cloister 1.

Big Data with a Soul ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 4.13 March 29, 2013

HR Examiner v4.13 March 29, 2013


Table of Contents

Narrative Visualization in HR


Five Links: Graphic Visualization


Market and Cloister 1


Developing A New HR Talent by William Uranga


Social Media’s Real Legal Issues by Heather Bussing


Events and More