Who Owns Data?

Are we in the gold rush era of data ownership? If so, who will stake a claim and how will it effect business, individuals or government? Our feature this week is a three-part series from John Sumser and Heather Bussing that explores Who Owns Data. John and Heather walk readers through what data ownership means now and how it’s going to change your world in the future.

Did we really just invest 720 million dollars to retain lower performing employees? In, You May Love Your Job but You Suck At It, Maren Hogan examines the current state of Employee Engagement.


Who Owns Data ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v 4.15 April 12, 2013

HR Examiner v4.15 April 12 , 2013


Table of Contents

Who Owns Data 1 – Overview


Who Owns Data 2: What You Can’t Own by Heather Bussing


Who Owns Data 3: Intellectual Property by Heather Bussing


You May Love Your Job but You Suck At It by Maren Hogan


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