People, Not Skills

"We have been talking about the War for Talent for almost two decades. But relying only on resumes and job descriptions is like shooting cannonballs into the ocean." Chris Havrilla joins the HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board this week and we're featuring her post Hire People, Not Just Skills." And at 11AM PDT today (2PM EDT) Chris will join John Sumser live on the HR Examiner Radio Show (live show link).
HRExaminer v4.18 May 10, 2013 Hire People, Not Just Skills

HR Examiner v4.18 May 10, 2013


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Hire People, Not Just Skills by Chris Havrilla


When an Employee Says: “I’m Gay.” by Heather Bussing


HRExaminer Radio: Episode #17: Johanna Rothman




Who Owns Data 6: Data Principles


Five Links: Roundup


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