Unthinkable HR

In our feature, Thinking the Unthinkable, John Sumser writes: "The C Suite is going to hunt for and embrace data visualization companies who can help see what we’ve refused to see: HR builds processes that emphasize sameness. The business requires processes that produce differences. It’s actually that simple.

Steve Smith from The Starr Conspiracy searches for the So What Factor of Workforce Analytics while Heather Bussing has us Learning by Mistake. John Sumser interviews JIBE CEO, Joe Essenfeld. We close this week’s issue with John Sumser’s multi-part series on Communication Channels in Recruiting.

Imagining Disruption ~ HR Examiner Weekly Edition v4.26 July 12, 2013

HR Examiner v4.26 July 12, 2013


Table of Contents

Feature: Thinking the Unthinkable


Learning By Mistake


Workforce Analytics & the So What? Factor


A Brand Is A Relationship


Communication Channels I


Communications Channels II


Events and More