Kia or Caddy? Drive the right Recruiting ROI in your Communications Channels

You've figured out which communication channel works best to recruit your candidate. But wait, how much did that hire cost? John Sumser continues his series on Communications Channels by exploring how channels like social media or retained executive search impact the final cost of recruiting. Elsewhere, Jay Cross puts Informal Learning in a Nutshell while Heather Bussing contemplates the Brutal Simplicity of Thought. On HR Examiner Radio, John Sumser interviews former Microsoft Staffing Consultant Amy Ala and has news about The HR Technology Conference. Enjoy!

Kia or Caddy? Communications Channels ROI HRExaminer v4.28 July 26, 2013

HR Examiner v4.28 July 26, 2013


Table of Contents

Feature: Communications Channels IV


Brutal Simplicity of Thought by Heather Bussing


The HR Technology Conference


Informal Learning In A Nutshell by Jay Cross


HRExaminer Radio: Episode #27: Amy Ala


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