Inaugural Weekly HRExaminer

We'll be publishing The HRExaminer every week as a digest of the week's features, news and reviews. Each publication follows a magazine like format. We'll have one feature and stories highlighting a Top100 Influencer and news from our In The Know and On The Go (recent moves) sections, plus a HR related review. Don't forget to subscribe to our HR Examiner email.
The Weekly HR Examienr by HR Examiner

January 8, 2010

The HRExaminer is a weekly magazine. Each week, the content builds, a piece at a time, until it is ready for the Friday edition.

In this week’s issue we take a look at a Master Mentor, Mary Kitson and also Marc Effron, Talent Manager also from our Top100 Influencers project. In our In-The-Know section we tackle “Six Key Business-y Links To Help You Think Beyond HR.” We wrap things up with a Review of Zeo, where we show you how a personal sleep coach product called the Zeo is the harbinger of how new levels of data to enhance our performance will be transforming HR. In case you haven’t caught our drift here on HR Examiner we close the issue with our Manifesto. Enjoy!

Master Mentor


Talent Manager

Marc Effron, talent manager

In The Know

The People Click Authoria Merger


Zeo Sleep Coach

HR Examiner Manifesto

The HR Examiner Manifesto