Maturity Models: Oh Grow Up.

On May 20, 2011, in HRExaminer, by John Sumser

Maturity Models: Oh Grow Up.

Earlier this week I was in Austin Texas where I attended and presented at the Lumesse Customer Conference (formerly StepStone Solutions). This is a presentation on Talent Management Maturity Models from research and analysis I’ve conducted in my role at HRxAnalysts.

Lumesse designed the day so that a range of alternative perspectives were in evidence. Part of their core beliefs is the idea that customers are smart and need good information for decisons rather than a diet of pablum. Stacey Harris, Bersin’s remarkable principal analyst had the presentation before me. (Check out some of her work here) She delivered a data rich view of the complexity involved in portraying the possibilities and requirements of operational excellence in HR.

The material in this powerpoint is designed to support the alternative view; that best practices are the road to mediocrity and that a maturity model is a marketing gimmick driven by vendor agendas.

Maybe the best part of the conference was the conversation Stacey and I had on the riverboat. We talked for a couple of hours about the things we could learn from each other. She is gracious, smart and sophisticated. Of all of the players on the HR landscape, Stacey’s overall view of HR and its strategic potential in unparalleled.

In the following powerpoint, you’ll notice a number of things that require deeper explanation. Expect to see those ideas flowing through the HRExaminer in coming weeks.

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