photo of man and graphics in HRExaminer series on next wave of HR Technology in part 5

In the industrial revolution HR experimented with and shaped the design of new work. We now sit at the edge of a new era in work that is shaped by technology. What role will HR play this time?

Next Wave HR Tech: Conclusion

Part 5

This week we’ve been plowing through the Next Wave of HR Tech that will shape recruiting and human resources. Along the way, we delivered the story as a presentation at the last HRTech Europe. The conclusion is sort of short and sweet.

  • The age of multiple vendor HR Enterprise solutions is coming to a close. All of the innovation has been done.
  • A single code stack tool is table stakes for the data problems HR is going to be required to solve.
  • The idea of a single code stack is a little misleading. There will always be boundaries. It’s just that the data is cleaner when it adheres to a single data structure.
  • The rest of the organization is going to start to expect HR to be the keeper of useful and interesting data about the company’s people.
  • The augmentation of people has already begun. HR needs to figure out how to deal with it.
  • Great HR includes data from outside the HR Department.

The only thing we really missed is that all people have to be covered by the HR System. That gets harder and harder as the types of relationships multiply. What’s clear is that HR will have to produce real value and cease being a cesspool of administrivia.

The opportunity is there. Maybe the vision will catch up.

We sit at the edge of a new era. In London in the 1820s, automation raised its head in the cotton mills. It took over 80 years from then til the widespread adoption of factory work. The 19th Century generally wasn’t pleasant as a result.

People who you’d think of as HR people took the lead in making factories workable and usable. They figured out the new work. They experimented with the design of work.

This will happen again as we move into the real webbed future. The question is going to be who figures out the answers to the questions (like rules of collaboration, referral process engagement, development of Khan academy style learning and development, who owns training for the new work and who sets the rules for games).

If it isn’t HR, who is it?


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photo of man and graphics in HRExaminer series on next wave of HR Technology
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