It probably started in a bar. You can imagine the shy but persistent Michael Kelleman asking his hardworking and insightful friend Jason Davis, “What would be the least likely thing that people could call us?”

Jason said, “I’d laugh my tail (okay, he didn’t say “tail”) off if people called you an Animal. You are the smartest guy I know. You think harder, learn more and recruit better than anyone I’ve ever met. You’re a fine well spoken gentleman. Let’s see if we can get people to call you an Animal. Better yet, how about “The Animal”. That’s as far from “shy genius” that we can get.”

Michael responded “If we get people to focus on your wacky obsession with domain names, they’ll never suspect that you are a genius, too. You move through the world so gracefully that the simpleminded confuse it with laziness. I know, let’s get them to call you slouch. Not even “The Slouch” (because that would imply doing enough work to differentiate yourself). Just Slouch.”

They giggled as you might if you were Canadians about to pull off a big joke on some unsuspecting Americans. They started singing that famous Canadian Christmas Carol about beer. Then they went to their Mensa meeting.

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