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Novotus II (Read Novotus I)

(Feb 10, 2009) Mike Mayeux is one of those guys whose genius is simplification. He’s a big bear with a humble approach. Jimmy Stewart would be proud of the clear spoken ideas that populate Novotus‘ values.

Patiently learning through constant experimentation with tiny tweaks, Mayeux assembled a team of master Recruiters and sourcers in Austin. At Novotus HQ, there is a relentless focus on perfecting the Recruiting model. Mayeux wants to be a game changer.

The company’s offerings provide an access point for almost any level of customer engagement. On the placement side, a customer can have full RPO services for one position or a thousand. Novotus also offers temp services, old fashioned executive search, temp services and payroll. As you might have guessed (if you read part I), the company culture includes barbeque.

The full list of services includes:

  • NovoCoreRecruitment Optimization: Consulting To Improve The
    Customer’s Recruiting
  • NovoFlow: Pooling and Screening Candidates
  • NovoDirect: Direct Contingency Placements
  • NovoFlex: Interim Staffing
  • NovoPro: RPO
  • Nitro: Full Scale Research, Competitive Intelligence, Sourcing
  • Executive Search

The core pricing model, which looks like $6K per slot on a retainer basis, attacks the prevailing norms. Novotus achieves this sort of cost effectiveness by continuously filling all of the positions in their inventory. While the industry norm is a 15% completion rate, Novotus fills 98% of their searches. The core success rate enables Novotus to price based on a performance guarantee.

“Staffing Agencies are typically the last resort,” says Mayeux, “That makes them reactive throughout the relationship. Our approach is to partner early and remain proactive.”

In other words, Novotus keeps its pricing  hypercompetitive by

  1. Staying proactively involved with the customer
  2. Delivering hires on all of its assignments
  3. Offering a full menu of services and adjusting to the customer’s requirements
  4. Working through HR rather than in spite of them.

Novotus is an interesting company to watch. We’ll keep you posted on their story. We think that the combination of price, operating model and service commitment make Novotus a game changer.

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