Anna Brekka of Onrec is on HRExaminer

Anna Brekka, VP onrec North America, joined onrec in March 2010 as a result of the Kennedy Merger

It’s really pretty amazing that Anna Brekka isn’t on the Top 100 Influencers in HR list yet. The Danish born and bred New Englander is a landmark on the Recruiting map. Since 2003, she’s been involved in the development of the Kennedy Information businesses that ultimately merged with Onrec. If you’ve been to one of those shows over the last decade, you were looking directly at Anna’s work.

This year, she’s running the show. The dust has settled from the merger. Bits and pieces of adjacent audiences are all being rolled into one revitalized event.

This is the Anna show.

Don’t you find it interesting that not one of the major Recruiting industry conferences is woman led? That was true until now. With Anna at the helm, OnRec is headed into new and uncharted waters.

She’s trying to rethink the entire premise of the conference.

The event will be divided into two parts. Day one will be a series of panels with key industry experts discussing key issues. It’s like the sampler menu for Day Two.

On Day Two, everyone who was on the panels will be involved in a hands-on session digging into the practical details of the conversation from the panels. This way, you get a sense of everything at the show on the first day and then select an area to explore more fully.

It’s a brilliant solution to the standard trade show problem: you have to pick from an expansive menu with little real way to understand whether or not it will be useful. Once you’re committed to a session, you lose the option of experiencing the others. Even the best events suffer from this bad menu choice problem.

We’ll be there to see this new approach in action. Hopefully you’ll join in the fun.

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