On December 4, 2014, in HRExaminer, John Sumser, by John Sumser

photo illustration of Orgvue software running on Apple iMac

The OrgVue package gives you the ability to deliver something monumentally superior to typical excel graphs. It’s worth having a demo just to see the images.

In order to launch KeyInterval Research, I’ve been learning a number of new things. In a later note, I’ll tell you about becoming a Qualtrics customer. Talking about enterprise software becomes much less theoretical when you have  real-time experience with purchasing, training, implementation and administration. The Qualtrics team is quite amazing.

Today, I want to tell you about OrgVue.

While the company positions itself as an Org Design, HR Analytics, Workforce planning toolkit, there is much more to the offering. OrgVue provides state of the art data manipulation tools on one side and the single best implementation of graphic visualization tools on the other.

Because of my long-term focus on data and visualization, I get to see all sorts of offerings. There are some amazing players and some who ought to be shuttered. While they all talk a good game, the proof is in the pudding. Some offer to integrate your data for you and have predefined analyses that you perform with their tool set. This is the model established by InfoHRM before their acquisition by SuccessFactors.

Still others believe that you should do your analysis from within their platform. These are typically niche players in one of the HR Functions who believe that their customers data, in the aggregate, will provide you with significant value.

The third category is pure visualization tool set. OrgVue falls mostly in this category. Rather than dictate your Point Of View, the company provides analytical tools that allow you, the customer, to determine the method and outcome of your Workplace Analytics initiative.

You need to think about tools like these from three distinct perspectives:

  • The Visualizations
  • The Data Manipulation Tools
  • The Integration of the Two

OrgVue’s visualizations, from simple line graphs to complex heat maps are beautiful. The company is built around the sort of visualization principles made famous by Edward Tufte. Clarity and beauty are not things traditionally associated with HR. The OrgVue package gives you the ability to deliver something monumentally superior to typical excel graphs. It’s worth having a demo just to see the images.

OrgVue’s data manipulation and handling tools, built on a spreadsheet like table that remembers everything you do, gives analysts the ability to rapidly and easily clean data.

(Most HR data is ‘dirty’. It comes from multiple sources with multiple codes. Often the codes conflict. An easy example is Gender. Male can be represented by M, m, male, Male, 1 or 2). Data is often not very useful until this field is standardized)

The OrgVue tool instantly delivers a summary of the entries and allows quick standardization with a record of what happened. The process is seamless.

Together, the tools make navigating the data easier. The same interface that facilitates data cleansing acts as a “pivot on demand” function.  You can instantly investigate your question by navigating subsets of subsets of data.

It all rolls together when you start with the data, visualize an image of that data and then use the image to navigate back down into the details. It’s like flying through the fields of data. Insight roars at you as you reframe, reframe and reframe again. Instead of complex spreadsheet maneuvers, you get to instantly go toe to toe with the data.

The company has deep experience with extremely difficult data manipulation and visualization problems. They are used extensively by large organizations and McKinsey style consultants. You ought to take a look.