How to Deal With Weasels (AKA Weasel Management)

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“I’m talking about Weasels with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). These Weasels can’t see how their behavior is damaging to themselves and others. All they see is what they want and what they need to do to get it.” - Heather Bussing

Unearth Your A.I. Ethics with these Questions

“In the 20th Century, having an ethics committee or oversight function meant having a way to generate a set of rules. From a policy perspective, ethics boiled down to ‘this is good and that is bad.’ We’ve begun to move at a rate that requires us to include more uncertainty in our decisions and proclamations.” - John Sumser

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #290: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

Stacey and John wrap-up all the news and events from The 2020 Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition.

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The same idea of a flywheel that Jim Collins used as a metaphor for momentum in his book, Good To Great is a model HR can use to create a cycle of positive feedback loops inside of the HR Data initiative I’ve been discussing. John Sumser has more in, Building the Computational HR Flywheel in The Emerging HR Data Department.

What questions are you employing to inform your HR response to the coronavirus pandemic? A group of HR leaders and specialists developed The Small Scenarios Series to help.

Each year as part of the work for our annual report on Intelligent software and AI we identify a short list of companies to watch closely. Here are the 12 outfits we have our eyes on. The HRExaminer 2020 Watchlist.

Erin Spencer shares A Death in the Family (from an HR Perspective). “Aside from the complications of emotions ranging from grief to relief, we also have the fun of funeral logistics. My Disney touring plans are color-coded. The plans for Grandma’s funeral were almost as complex, but unlike a planned Spring Break trip this time off was not arranged in advance.”

John Sumser speaks with Jeanne Achille, Founder and CEO of The Devon Group. It’s John and Jeanne’s annual pre-HR Tech Conference show.


The HRExaminer 2020 Watchlist

“As part of the work for our annual report on intelligent software and AI, we evaluate the interview and survey process to identify companies to watch closely. Each of the twelve companies we’ve selected here for our watchlist represents a different value proposition and core functionality across the entire spectrum of the industry. This is the 2020 HRExaminer Watchlist.”
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Questions to inform HR’s response in the coronavirus pandemic – The Small Scenarios Series

With unheard-of workplace disruption and historical levels of unemployment around the world, HR leaders and practitioners have never had to be more effective. There’s a need for innovation in each small decision and action we take. No one can wait for benchmarks to emerge yet mistakes can cost lives. Rather than hyperbolic claims that HR’s time has finally arrived, we’ve begun to explore some of the likely issues in the near to medium term.

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #382: Jeanne Achille, Founder and CEO of The Devon Group

John Sumser talks with Jeanne Achille, Founder and CEO of The Devon Group in their annual pre-HR Tech Conference show. Jeanne chairs the Women in HR Tech Summit at the annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition as well as at the HR Festival Asia in Singapore. Founder and CEO of The Devon Group, Jeanne has more than 25 years of HR technology sales, marketing, and PR experience.

A Death in the Family (from an HR Perspective)

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“The difference in how our employers handled our absences are a perfect case study in how to, or not to treat employees in a time of crisis.” - Erin Spencer

Building the Computational HR Flywheel in The Emerging HR Data Department

“I’ve been discussing The Emerging HR Data Department and The HR Product Manager. This piece will focus on building a computational HR flywheel within the emerging HR data department.” John Sumser

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There’s a developing need for a new role that can manage a dizzying array of technological tools and operational complexity in a landscape dotted with legal and cultural landmines. John Sumser has more in, The HR Product Manager in the Emerging HR Data Department.

John Sumser looks at the myriad technologies that the HR Product manager is likely to shepherd in their role. CONCLUSION - The HR Product Manager in the Emerging HR Data Department.

On this week’s HR Tech Weekly: Stacey and John discuss the upcoming Virtual HR Tech event and Prezi introduces dynamic video teaching tools as education moves online.

Heather Bussing explains Why Less is More with Policies.

Employee engagement is at an all-time high while 30 million Americans are out of work. What’s that about? Jason Lauritsen digs into why Employee Engagement Is About To Get Much More Difficult.