The Sourcing Hierarchy: Rational Recruiting Expenditure

As budgets tighten, companies are beginning to wrestle with standard cost-effectiveness questions. Advertising and advertising-like functions are one of the first places that budget shaving takes root. Since much of Recruiting and Talent acquisition uses an advertising business model (upfront expense, limited quantification of returns), the cost cutter’s eyes are inevitably drawn towards expenses in […]

081201 Recruiting Links (Dec 01, 2008)

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Thought for the Day: “A lot of my job is redistributing the future,” Tim O’Reilly Why I Love Twitter Twitter is maturing into a critical business tool.  It’s not so much the personal stuff, it’s the flow of competitive intel. You’re Leaving a Digital Trail. What About Privacy? When you add it all up, our trails […]

081128 Social Media Links (Nov 28, 2008)

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Thought For The Day: "And we get a lot of reporting about how sad it is for older people in the workforce because those are the people getting laid off. The baby boomers love to report about how much discrimination there is against them. And they have huge pulpits to report that from. Of course, […]

Stumping Google

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081126 Stumping Google (November 26, 2008) In the office, we all use Gmail. The  array of features and overlay applications make it a "must use" tool. Google is seeping into the corners of our lives. They have become our partner and we didn’t even notice. The holidays and shifting economic times make for a difficult […]

081126 Thanksgiving Recruiting Links (Nov 26, 2008)

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Thought For the Day: "I am going to drive down US 59 and throw all of my bank statements out the window and HOPE that my identity gets stolen." – Recruiter in Texas Dear ClaudiaI hope you start to follow this delightful set of notes for recruiters. It’s professional advice for the lovelorn. It’s closer […]

Population Distribution Diagrams: Dear Ray Ozzie

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Dear Ray Ozzie (November 25, 2008) Ray Ozzie is the Chief Software Architect at Microsoft. It’s a role and title directly passed down from Bill Gates. Ozzie is a software wonder-child. The current Wired magazine features a really solid article on Ozzie’s desire to restore entrepreneurial attitudes in the mammoth company. The article is by […]

081125 Recruiting Blog Links (Nov 25, 2008)

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Thought For the Day: Once you begin to believe your own resume, you will not be happy with your current job or salary. Recruitment Industry Economic BailoutI nominate David Perry for "Wickedest Sense of Humor In The Recruiting Industry". Reminds me of "I’m Changing My Name To Chrysler" (Here’s the video by Arlo Guthrie) Your […]

081124 Recruiting Market Links (Nov 24, 2008)

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Thought For The Day: “When I think about what’s really going on in this “lost decade” it occurs to me that we are finally witnessing the impact of the end of the industrial era and the emergence of the information era. That’s not to say every “information stock” has done well. Intel and Microsoft have […]

Population Distribution Diagrams: The Project III

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Some Specifics (Nov 21, 2008) Here’s the light-bulb. By assessing your organization with Population Distribution Diagrams, you can see risks, opportunities and the consequences of organizational history. The tool creates a perspective that is unavailable with other means. A good PDD analysis contains a look at history (how did we get here?), and the current […]

081121 Recruiting Links (Nov 21, 2008)

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Thought for the Day: “Today’s trend is tomorrow’s folly” SearchWiki: Make Search Your Own From the official Google blog comes an approach to search that will eliminate the impact of SEO/SEM. In the long haul, building relationships will trump gaming the search engines. Be careful of the way you allocate your resources. Today’s trend is […]