The Merger of Arbita and Job Machine

On May 23, 2008, in All, Applicant Tracking Systems, Employment Branding, Futures,, by John Sumser
If you haven’t noticed, Arbita, the Minneapolis based Internet Recruitment Advertising agency, is undergoing a market changing transformation. Once the

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On May 23, 2008, in All, Daily Links, Employment Branding,, by John Sumser
Arbita And Job Machine Merge Redefining the sourcing process, Arbita and JobMAchine align to form the first 21st Century Advertising Agency. (Press Release) Smart and

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Twitter Stats Twitter management demonstrates transparency. The system is buggy for unknown reasons. Here’s a traffic chart. Does Cashback Trump SEO/SEM? Arrington calls it a “go for the throat” move. Building a Better Buzzword Say goodbye

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On May 21, 2008, in All, Daily Links, Generational Demographics,, by John Sumser
Microsoft to Launch “Live Search Cash Back” Tomorrow Next up, paying job hunters to search your jobs. No, I’m not kidding. Twitter: Something Is Technically Wrong even though the money is coming. Why

What Recession (or Better, Where)?

Take a gander at these unemployment statistics: 70 Metropolitan Areas (out of 369… about 20%) have unemployment rates below 4% 170

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Don’t Look For BFFs When Pitching For VC Dollars Arrington onThe Funded, a new site devoted to bringing light into the dark corners of the VC world. Search Your Desktop; Find Passive

ATS.3 (Applicant Tracking Systems)

There are seven essential, interrelated components of an Applicant Tracking System. (You might take a look at this great little piece …Animals are Tracked, People have relationships.) The actual functionality is very simple and can all be generated from a single database. The

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On May 14, 2008, in All, Daily Links,, by John Sumser
Friend Connect, Open Social, Ning, and the web Ning’s role remains the same — to be the easiest, most powerful, and most widely used way for anyone to create your own social network for anything. Too Many Choices, Too Much Content A good overview of the major competitive battles in social media More People Depend […]